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For loyal and satisfied customers
Build direct, personalized and targeted customer relationships.

With engagement strategies such as welcome gifts, a loyalty system, prize draws and many others you can impress customers and build long-term relationships – increasing visits, loyalty, revenue and profit.

Turning large numbers of unknown consumers into known and profitable customers is a challenge

MYFAVORITO helps store owners and businesses to solve it.

It’s a challenge many store owners have today: Consumers – sometimes several hundred or even thousand per day – come to your store, walk around, buy something and leave. You don’t know who they are, you cannot reach them and you cannot send them great offers to motivate them to come back to your store.

Most traditional businesses have great “customer relationship management software” (also known as CRM). Such systems hold relevant customer information such as name, address, phone number, products purchased, opportunities and even customers’ birthdays and favorite champagne brands. Most store owners do not know their customers, do not have such a customer database and therefore cannot reach their customers directly. And it would be an even greater challenge to keep such a system up-to-date, especially if your store has large numbers of customers. MYFAVORITO wants to help you turn unknown consumers into known, loyal and highly profitable customers.

Finally reach your customers directly, whenever you want
Sending a message to all your customers by pressing a button isn’t possible? It is!

Once your stores are on MYFAVORITO, you can ask your customers to download the MYFAVORITO mobile app and choose them as their “favorite” store. You can also reward their “voting” with a welcome present or loyalty points. Now there is a direct relationship between you and the customer. In the “MYFAVORITO dashboard” you can see your growing database of customers, you can see their profiles, you can see what they like and don’t like. And the best: Your customers maintain their profiles by themselves and keep them up-to-date just by using the app.

Collect and understand customer preferences and affinities
Every guest is different. Pizza or Pasta? Ketchup or Mayonnaise? We’ll tell you.

By using MYFAVORITO you will get to know your guests and their preferences better than ever before. You see when and how often customers visit your store. You understand which products they like, which coupons they redeem, which loyalty rewards they choose and which prizes in the scan+win draw they pick-up from your store. Your customers create a lot of useful information and build up valuable profiles which allow you to serve them much better.

Automatically send the best offer to the right customer

Best offer means: Best product, best time, best place and best price.

“Sending the best offer to the right customer” is not a trivial thing. It means that you need to know what the best product for that customer is. You need to know what the best time is (Monday mornings or Saturday midnight) and the best place. And – last not least: The best price. Some customers need a deep discount or special deal to come to your store. Others don’t. Doing all this manually for a few customers is real work. Doing it automatically for thousands of them needs a good system. That’s the reason why we build MYFAVORITO.

Create personalized coupons and promotions

Everybody loves mobile coupons.

In the “MYFAVORITO Dashboard” you can create your own mobile coupons. Such coupons appear immediately in your stores in the app. Customers can browse them, come to your store, show them to the cashier and click the “Redeem” button to get that special deal. It’s that easy. You can configure coupons to show up for certain groups of customers or on certain times of the day (for example: only for breakfast hours or only on Monday’s).

Establish a loyalty system to reward your customers

Identify your most loyal customers.

With our loyalty system you can reward your loyal customers for store visits, for referrals of new customers, for the redemption of coupons, the purchase of special products, the participation in lotteries or many other activities. Customers can collect loyalty points and can then exchange these points for loyalty rewards (for example a free coffee, a free meal, a coupon with a deep discount). By using a loyalty program, your customers prefer your store over others which will increase the amount of visits and the revenue. It also helps you to finally identify your most loyal customers.

Run exciting draws to increase your visitor frequency
Customers love to win immediately and without delays. MYFAVORITO “scan+win” makes it easy for you to make that happen.

Draws are great to build valuable profiles, to attract many customers and to convince them to choose your store as their “favorito”. But planning, launching, running and finishing a draw can be very time-consuming. With MYFAVORITO you setup hassle-free, almost automated “scan+win” draws. All there is to do is to setup the draw, define the winning frequency and fill the pot with prizes. Your customers just scan a QR code either inside or outside the store and get notified immediately what they have won and where to pick-up the prize.

Setup a referral program to win new customers
Happy customers love to spread the word – make it easy for them with your referral program.

MYFAVORITO comes with an integrated referral program. Your happy customers can tell their friends and family to download the app and choose your store as their “favorito”. Once done, they receive the number of loyalty points that you define and can redeem this for a reward. Every happy customer can refer dozens of new ones. Use this potential to win new customers.

Use geofencing, store fencing, welcome gift and many other proven engagement functionalities out-of-the-box
No programming, no investment, no waiting – use MYFAVORITO now and make your store more successful.

MYFAVORITO comes with turnkey functionalities and proven strategies that help you to make your store a bit more successful. Use location services to reach your customers when they are nearby your store. Give a welcome gift to any new customer. Use technologies such as iBeacon to welcome customers when they enter your store. The “Printing center” in the “MYFAVORITO Dashboard” allows you to print your own posters, flyers and scan+win artwork. The MYFAVORITO platform is growing rapidly and more innovative functionalities will become available to you every month.

Present your stores in a professional and innovative way
Show yourself from your best side. In just some simple and quick steps.

Use the “MYFAVORITO dashboard” to present your stores. You only have to upload a few pictures, write general facts, set the type of the store and its business hours. Alongside our well designed mobile app, this gives you a beautiful profile page for your guests and those who will join. Customers can also rate your store and leave feedback that arrives in your email box or as a push notification.

Measure success via crystal-clear reports and real-time statistics
Stay on top of things. Everywhere. All the time.

With our reports and statistics you will stay on top of things all the time. You will see how many customers are registered, how many new joined today or this month, how many messages were sent and how many people are interested in your offers. Our reports help you to define your goals and objectives and then measure the results and success of your marketing campaigns.

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